Who is this roadmap for?

For large enterprises and mid-size businesses across different verticals who struggle with their supply chain functionality due to legacy systems’ limitations or lack of technical capabilities.

How long does it take to read the guide?

In just a 10-minute read, you will get a detailed roadmap to gradual digitalization and transformation, regardless of your current technical status.

Why else should I check out this guide?

Businesses are increasingly migrating to digital infrastructures; however, digital transformation is often full of challenges, especially in the supply chain industry. The goal is to make the most out of your company’s legacy systems, whether it is a software upgrade, a new API strategy, or other adjustments. In this guide, we provide a detailed roadmap to the gradual and non-disruptive, yet efficient transformation of the supply chain.

Update your legacy
systems without disruption

Invest the smart way to transform your traditional supply chain into an efficient and connected digital ecosystem.

What You’ll Get:

  • Understanding of key industry trends and drivers of supply chain transformation
  • Why you should invest in the digital supply chain and how to get the best ROI
  • Key numbers on how technology benefits modern supply chains
  • How to tackle main challenges with
    legacy systems
  • A roadmap to supply chain digitization
  • Insights from real business cases by IBA Group